Keeping up with the Joneses

One thing I have learned in my time working in finance is that no matter what income you have it is still very easy to fall foul of the old trap of keeping up with the Joneses.

Thanks to some very clever advertisers we are always trying to get the next thing that will make our lives complete. We all know once we get that though there is always something else.

That’s why setting up a budget is so important, even high-income earners need to have a budget. Seems to be a common misconception that a budget is only needed when you are struggling.

Money can very quickly “disappear” if you aren’t keeping an eye on it.

A budget is a great way to put money into your buckets to ensure you are making your income work as best as possible for your situation.

And everyone’s priorities are different, meaning one person’s budget is unlikely to suit another person.

Whether you want to save for your first home, put money into investments, or just make both ends meet, one of our financial planners can help you make that happen.

With mortgage stress on the rise, there is no better time to reach out than now.

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