Retirement Planning


Retirement is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, embrace new adventures, and relish in well-deserved relaxation. However, achieving the retirement you envision requires careful planning. As seasoned financial planners, we understand that retirement planning is not just about saving; it’s about securing your financial future and ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. Whether you’re just starting to think about your retirement or already on your journey, our expertise can help you navigate the complexities of retirement planning. We’ll work closely with you to create a customised strategy that aligns with your goals, whether it’s a dream vacation, a peaceful retirement home, or simply the peace of mind that comes with financial security. Let us guide you on the path to a retirement that’s as rewarding as your years of hard work.


Account-Based Pension

  • Retirement Income Stream: An Account-Based Pension is a financial product designed to provide a regular income stream to individuals in retirement.

  • Superannuation Funds: It is typically funded using the accumulated superannuation savings, which are then transitioned into an account-based pension upon retirement.

  • Flexibility: Account-based pensions offer flexibility, allowing retirees to choose the frequency and amount of their pension payments, within certain legal limits.

  • Minimum Withdrawal Requirements: There are minimum annual withdrawal requirements that retirees must adhere to, ensuring they draw down their pension over their retirement years.

  • Tax Benefits: Account-based pensions may offer tax advantages, as they are typically tax-free for those over a certain age and can provide a tax-efficient way to receive retirement income.

  • Investment Options: Retirees can often choose from a range of investment options for their pension account, providing the potential for investment growth while drawing an income.

  • Estate Planning: They can also play a role in estate planning, as they can be left to beneficiaries upon the pension holder’s passing.

  • Government Regulations: Account-based pensions are regulated by government guidelines to ensure retirees receive financial support during their retirement years.

Transition to Retirement Pension

  • Flexible Retirement Planning: A Transition to Retirement (TTR) Pension is a financial strategy that allows individuals to access a portion of their superannuation savings while still working, offering flexibility in retirement planning.

  • Preservation Age: To initiate a TTR Pension, individuals must have reached their preservation age, which is typically earlier than the standard retirement age.

  • Income Stream: A TTR Pension provides a regular income stream from a portion of the superannuation savings, helping individuals manage their finances while working part-time or reducing hours.

  • Tax Benefits: TTR Pensions may offer tax advantages, as they can provide a tax-efficient way to receive retirement income, potentially lowering overall tax liabilities.

  • Investment Options: Like other pension products, TTR Pensions often offer a range of investment options to grow the pension account while drawing an income.

  • Flexibility in Work Hours: TTR Pensions enable individuals to reduce their work hours and maintain their lifestyle or gradually transition into retirement, offering financial support during this phase.

  • Minimum and Maximum Withdrawals: There are minimum and maximum withdrawal limits for TTR Pensions that retirees must adhere to as required by government regulations.

  • Transition to Full Retirement: The TTR strategy can be used to ease the transition from full-time work to complete retirement, allowing individuals to adjust their financial circumstances.

  • Government Regulations: TTR Pensions are regulated by government guidelines to ensure they serve as a valuable tool for individuals planning for retirement.

Centerlink Aged Pension

  • Financial Assistance: The Centrelink Age Pension is a government program designed to provide financial support to eligible Australians once they reach a certain age.

  • Age Eligibility: To qualify for the Age Pension, you must meet the age requirement, which varies based on your date of birth. 

  • Income Support: This pension provides a regular income to help retirees cover living expenses, such as housing, healthcare, and daily costs.

  • Asset and Income Tests: Centrelink conducts means-testing to determine eligibility for the Age Pension. It considers both your income and assets to assess your eligibility and the amount of pension you may receive.

  • Residency Requirements: To receive the Age Pension, you must meet specific residency requirements, which include Australian citizenship or long-term residence in Australia.

  • Automatic Qualification for Some: Some retirees may qualify automatically for the Age Pension without the need to meet additional income and asset tests. This is often based on specific circumstances, such as disability or carer status.

  • Regular Adjustments: The Age Pension is subject to periodic adjustments in line with changes in the cost of living, ensuring that retirees receive support that keeps pace with inflation.

  • Additional Benefits: In addition to the regular pension, eligible recipients may also be entitled to additional benefits, such as the Pensioner Concession Card, which discounts various goods and services.