BW Private Wealth is a Financial Planning firm made up of a team of people who like people. We are a people business and pride ourselves on making life easier for our clients.

Money, tax, social security among other things are boring on their own, but mixed with enthusiasm, desire to help and support it can be at least bearable and often exciting and enlightening. It’s not about us and it shouldn’t be, we get that. It’s easy to say we put clients first, everyone says that. When you surround yourself with people who share that commitment, you get to see it not just hear about it or hope for it.

We take an individual approach. We have never met two people exactly alike and we’re not likely to, ever. We listen long and hard and we are grounded, knowing we have to be worth it in terms of money and time.

We have been doing what we do for a long time. We have served extensive apprenticeships covering good times and bad, disruptive and complex changes, working with and helping people through times of change.

We don’t know everything and we will never know everything but we learn everyday and impart what we know and have learnt on making sure our clients are prepared, relaxed and able to enjoy what it is they want to do.

We enjoy what we do and most of what we do are things most of you do not want to do. We call that a good basis for getting us involved. All those things you don’t like, don’t want to know, have no interest in, find tedious and boring, time consuming or stressful in most situations fall away into the background with our help, exactly where they should be and should stay. We promote simplicity and freedom.

Ballarat based, our team enjoy looking after people. We are a self selected bunch of normal people with kids,  grand kids, unique interests and hobbies just like our clients and understand the complexities of life and know that time is precious.

We take our roles very seriously and ourselves not so much.  Our best days are the ones where we provide the most help. There are no prizes for making life more complicated, more stressful and less enjoyable.

BW Private Wealth operates from the premises on the corner of Lydiard and Dana Streets in Ballarat as well as servicing clients in the Ararat, Maryborough and surrounding district on a regular weekly basis.