Insurance for my Kids is Actually Selfishly for Me!

This week is my son’s birthday and it got me thinking about how I’d do anything I could to protect him. This included the trauma insurance I took out for him when he was 2.

Most people haven’t heard of childhood trauma or if they have they don’t really understand the benefit.

For a few hundred dollars a year, I have $200,000 of trauma cover for him. This isn’t so much to protect him but more so to protect my wife and I.

If he was to ever need sustained medical attention outside of our city or state I don’t want to have to worry about working whilst he is in hospital.

With this cover, my and my wife’s wages suddenly became a non-issue. We don’t need to worry about rushing back to work to ensure bills are paid. We can be with our son for however long he needs. It’s even enough to cover accommodation so we could be near him.

And then the more obvious issue of not having to worry about medical expenses.

That piece of mind alone is well and truly worth the cost in my opinion.

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