2023 Blog Database

As we enter the new year, 2024, I find it suitable to establish a user-friendly database that facilitates easy access to a comprehensive collection of blogs crafted throughout 2023. Hopefully, someone finds some value in some of the information.

Jan 23rd – Good Financial Planning is a Long Game
Jan 30th – Keeping up with the Joneses
Feb 7th – What is Personal Insurance?
Feb 14th – Personal Insurance
Feb 21st – What happens when I apply for Insurance?
Feb 27th – How much do I need to retire?
March 14th – Retirement Age vs Preservation Age vs Age Pension Age
March 28th – Saving for Education Fees
April 3rd – The real cost of your coffee
April 17th – Celebrate the wins!
April 24th – Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
May 5th – A lot can happen in a year
May 10th – Federal Budget May 2023 Summary
May 15th – Make Tax-Deductible Super Contributions
May 23rd – Smart Super Strategies for this EOFY
May 29th – Topping up super with ‘catch-up’ contributions
June 5th – Top-up your super with help from the Government
June 13th – Splitting your super contributions to your spouse
June 19th – Boost your spouse’s super and reduce your tax
June 26th – Buy/Sell Insurance, what and why
July 3rd – Do you have an aged care plan in place?
July 10th – Sacrifice pre-tax salary into super
July 17th – Creating Effective Solutions for Aged Care
July 24th – Disappointing tax returns
August 14th – What is financial freedom?
August 22nd – Why is it hard to find an adviser?
August 28th – Our kids, we love them but can’t deny they are expensive!
September 4th – How the 2023 Intergenerational Report might impact aged care
September 11th – Navigating the Road to Financial Independence: A Step-by-Step Guide
September 18th – How Much Do You Really Need to Retire?
September 21st – Centrelink Payment Changes 20 September 2023
September 25th – Understanding the Importance of Life Insurance
October 21st – The Vital Role of Income Protection
October 30th – Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme
November 27th – Debt Management
December 1st – Donation for The Soup Bus
December 5th – Back to basics – Budgeting
December 11th – Observations from the Shelf
December 14th – Monash Children’s Hospital

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