Celebrate the wins!

This is something that I do myself and it really helps to keep me motivated.

Whether it be paying down debt, staying within a budget, or building up savings, you really need to celebrate those wins.

And don’t set the bar too high, don’t save the celebration until the mortgage is paid off!

If you manage to get your mortgage from $455,000 down to $450,000, go ahead and celebrate. Don’t need to go overboard but congratulate yourself (or each other if you’re in a relationship).

I’m not saying throw a massive party, but acknowledge it and set your next goal. “I did it, $5,000 off the mortgage is massive now to push for $440,000.”

It can almost be like a game, you’re “leveling up.”

You’d be amazed how small motivations can keep you on track. Especially with debt reduction and savings as once you get that ball rolling it will get easier and easier.

Word of warning is to make your goals realistic, don’t set your goal to extreme because the last thing you want is to be demotivated and give up!

Happy savings and feel free to reach out if you want help setting some realistic goals.

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