Advice for All Ages

A relatively common misconception is the only people who benefit from getting advice are people planning to retire or who have retired. Whereas the reality is very different.

We can help start an investment plan for your kids before they are even born if you are that keen, that will be able to be gifted to them for anything you like, first car/house/university, etc.

We can help you budget and invest money for school fees. Instead of having to come up with lump sums every quarter that money is always ready to go.

We can help a young adult pick the right super fund that has low fees with the investments for their needs. Can save thousands on fees over the lifetime of the fund.

We can help those same young adults ensure they have the right personal insurance for their needs. I will go into insurance in more detail in another blog, as it is a very large spectrum, but if you pick the right insurance when you are young it can potentially save you 100s of thousands of dollars by the time you are 65.

We can help you save, and budget, for anything you are aiming for. First home, investment properties, holidays, weddings, etc.

We can help you budget to reduce debt.

We can help you diversify your superannuation as you build your balance up throughout your life. Whether that be to increase risk or reduce risk we work with you to organize this.

We can help maximize concessional and non-concessional super contributions so you can retire comfortably.

We can help set up a Transition to Retirement Pension once you reach preservation age, once again this topic will need its own blog as there is a lot going on, but can save thousands in tax.

We can help set up an account-based pension once you reach 65 or preservation age and retire.

We can help reduce tax burdens on your estate if you were to pass away and leave investments to the kids.

We can help maximize your Centrelink benefits.

We can help transition into aged care.

There will be plenty more areas that I have missed, but this is to give you an idea that we really can help throughout every step of life.

It is never too late or too early. If the best time to do it was yesterday, that only means the second best time to do it is now!

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