Monash Children’s Hospital

It’s a funny little world we live in sometimes. The first blog I wrote was – Barber Chair Musings – and while at the same hairdresser this weekend there were some other patrons there, one of whom works for Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

She mentioned that the hospital struggles to supply the new mothers with things as simple as pads and onesies for their newborns. Some of the nurses have been buying them out of their own pockets or the parents need to leave their sick kids to find them.

Something most people won’t know is our little boy was premature and we even ended up with a couple of ambulance rides to the hospital. We were very lucky and everything was okay and never more than a couple of nights in the local hospital (we even got to see Santa there one year), where friends and family could help us. That means the thought of parents having to leave their sick kids’ side to go get supplies hits home as I would have hated to do the same.

My wife and I then grabbed some stuff to hopefully ease the burden for the new parents and the nurses. Every nurse we dealt with, with our son, was amazing, and the fact that they will buy things is incredible.

We hope our small package can help a few people, especially if they are there at this time of year!

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